Unleash your most


A new concept in Japanese signature cuisine. The exquisite blend of tradition and design, quality and lifestyle.

For lovers of haute cuisine but above all for diners who go further and want to enjoy an overall experience: Eat well and have a good time.

Fermin Azkue

Our chef


The Wildest face of a fusion gastronomic proposal never seen before in Spain that has in Fermín Azkue, Chef Owner of all the branches and the mind behind the most Wildest creations, an international attraction for the most exclusive diners.




Top quality ingredients with import authentication certificates, preserving all the characteristics that make these raw materials unique and filling an international pantry with products such as king crab, soft crab and snow krab, A5 quality Japanese wagyu, spices and Japanese fermented and macerated products such as kimchi and umeboshi.

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